What the heck was that?

by Pam
(Seattle, WA, USA)

First of all I must tell you that my experience was not a scary one, but it does make me wonder what it is that I saw.

Back in 1993 I bought a condo and was living there with my 7 yr old daughter. One day in broad daylight (so I wasn't asleep, dreaming, half asleep, drunk or on drugs etc.) I looked out my livingroom window and saw a white misty figure pass by the window then disappear. Of course my first thought was what the hell was that? Then I tried to figure out if it was a reflection or something.

My patio was facing the back wall of another building that didn't have any doors or windows on that side of it. The figure thing I saw was right outside my window which was under the upstairs apartment's balcony. What I'm trying to say is there is no way for a reflection from another window to show up in that spot. I never told anyone about what I saw because I didn't believe in ghosts at that time.

About a week later my daughter had some of her friends over for a visit. I was on the floor of my livingroom facing away from that window. My daughter's friend was on the floor facing the window and suddenly said "I just saw a ghost!" I just thought to myself "oh no, thats what I saw" but didn't say anything because at the time it wasn't a scary feeling, but a little weird and creepy.

When I finally told someone about this a couple years ago they told me it was probably a guardian angel. What do you think?


Anne's Comments:Thank you for sharing your story with us Pam. It does sound as if it could have been something that was beyond what would be described as a "normal" event.

However, if it did not make you feel nervous or scared then that is obviously a good thing.

Do you know what the building or the land might have been used for in the past? Maybe historical details might throw some light on the experience.

I do think it is important to remember that not all paranormal events are potentially threatening or harmful to us.

Thanks again for sharing and let me know if you ever have any other similar experiences.

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