Theater Ghost Killed My Friend

(Beatrice, Nebraska)

Just last year my friend was killed in my old High School in Beatrice, Nebraska. They found him and two of my other classmates hanged in the Hevelone Center for performing arts.

The whole town was just blown away and devastated, but the story didn't get the attention it deserved. Many people were scared because of rumors of the school being haunted and I think that's why this story kind of got brushed over. Who wants to be the town with the haunted high school?

25 years earlier a boy named Charlie Grimille died at BHS. He died during a school play called "Gallows" I believe. During the play he was on the gallows and something went wrong and he fell with the noose around his neck. I've talked to some of the older teachers and they all said it was really scary. The audience just panicked and it was really chaotic. But after that day, the school was always thought to be haunted by Charlie. I know I never really liked being in the Hevelone Center if I could help it.

Maybe the strangest part of this whole thing is that when my friend died last year, they were about to put on the same play again..."The Gallows."

The school I guess got talked into doing it again by the drama teacher. Some parents of some other friends of mine were trying to sue the school over it. I don't think anything ever happened.

I just feel like these things need to be addressed. I don't buy into the other stupid claims that my friends committed suicide or any of that. I just wish I knew exactly what happened and I hope that Charlie (if he was involved) is finished and can leave BHS alone. R.I.P. Charlie, and my friends.

-A. Drent
Anne's Comment
This is a very strange and devastating story. Sadly there are some questions in life we may never get answers for and instead we have to try to take comfort from the memories we hold of happier times of the person we have lost.

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