The Innocent boy, The Evil Wolf and the Loving Grandfather

by Sanil Khurana

I went on a trip in Kullu Manali with my friends. We stayed in tents. We would go rock climbing, rafting or roam in the mountains.

We were having a fun time. But on our last night we had lit a bonfire and we were telling ghost stories. We weren't scared because none of us believed in ghosts. but then out of nowhere a wolf jumped out of trees and ran past us.

It was very close to me and my friend was saying that it touched him. We heard a lot of howls later that night and a boy screaming. We were terrified and then the same wolf jumped from behind us and ran.

We decided to end this trip now. We all reached the safety of our house around 10 in the morning. I terrified from last night experience and went for a walk with my friend (he had not gone on the trip because he was sick).

We were coming back when we saw a boy. He was around 8 years old. He was terrified. He came closer, after he was close enough I said him to stop and told him to go home. He ignored me and asked if I had seen an old man which he said was his grandfather.

An old man about 70 to 80 years old had gone past me' so I told him yes I have seen an old man and I pointed where i had seen him. The boy ran the way I told him. Me and my friend continued to walk home.

Outside my house I had a little garden with 4-5 comfortable chairs. We sat down, I told him about the trip. He was scared. We were talking about it when I saw the wolf chasing the boy far away. I was terrified.

I went back to bed immediately but I couldn't sleep. I don't exactly know what happened that night but I remember blackness and then the wolf and then morning. It was hard to explain what happened that night.

Me and my friends decided to go Kullu Manali again and solve the mystery. We asked an old lady about it who lived nearby and she told us the story.

Lots of years ago a boy lived here with his parents and his grandfather. The boy's parents died one night. No one knows how but he and his grandfather found their bodies. That affected the boy greatly. He went mad, he was a victim of a dangerous mind problem.

He saw a wolf one day and he went near to the wolf. The wolf immediately attacked him and ran. The next morning, he went to search the wolf, with his luck he found it again and this time also the wolf attacked him.

He was obsessed to the wolf. His grandfather questioned him every day about the bruises but he always said that he fell or something. After some days the grandfather saw the boy near the wolf and the wolf attacked him once again.

The grandfather understood everything and scolded the boy but the boy would not listen to his grandfather. One day because of serious injuries to the boy, his grandfather tried to kill the wolf but he was not successful.

The boy saw him and went mad at his grandfather. Then the wolf attacked the boy next day, and the boy died. His grandfather saw this from a distance and went and lunged himself at the wolf.

He killed the wolf with his bare hands and then seeing his boy whom he loved very much, he imagined a life without him and wrote this all down and slept next to his grandson. It is believed that the boy's grandfather died that night.

Those three bodies had been found in the early 1980s.

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