Telepathy - Thoughts on wings - Wordless Communication in a World of Amazing Possibilities

Telepathy is certainly one of the most powerful psychic gifts a person can possess as they are communicating through their “sixth sense” without the use of any of their other senses. In short, they are communicating with their minds – they have managed to awaken a “dormant” section of the human mind that, it is believed, lies in all of us, but very few actually ever manage to tap into.

It is a well known fact that the brain has amazing powers that are, as of yet, unknown to man – a host of unleashed possibilities that remain dormant somewhere in the deep recesses, just waiting to be discovered.

Can you imagine all the possibilities? They could very well be truly endless and, we have been lucky enough to catch a few small glimpses, thanks to those with special psychic powers, including telepathy.

Many studies have been conducted on the brain/mind and the relationship to the rest of the body. There has also been quite a lot of discussion as to the authentication of this “so called” telepathic ability that can be found within certain people.

However, to date, the verdict has always remained the same – science cannot truly explain it or, more to the point explain it away. This, of course, leaves the door open – one that invites you to walk through and actually dare to believe that throughout the earth, there are, indeed, those who have been blessed with telepathy.

While there does not appear to be accurate statistics, it does seem, from informal surveys that at least half of the population believes that there are individuals who do possess some type of psychic ability.

This is a significant achievement and, as we continue to discover the awesome powers that are hidden behind psychic gifts we just might, after all, come to the point where we can truly admit that these powers are way beyond our mortal understanding, but that they are still something to be acknowledged and revered.

We should remember as well that we live in an exciting and intriguing time period. While we are surrounded by people of science, we, as human beings, are also looking to gain a better understanding of some of the mysteries that seem to surround us. This, of course, includes unlocking some of the untapped sources that lay deep within. The best is yet to come!

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