Telekinesis - Incredible Paranormal Power to move objects using the mind or something else?

Telekinesis has been of interest to both laypeople and scientists for many years.

In fact, as far back as 1910, someone who demonstrated strong psychic abilities was actually subjected through vigorous testing by a slew of scientists, only to clearly demonstrate just how powerful their gift truly was.

Thanks to the Internet, we have been exposed to subject matters that we may never have otherwise truly known existed and nowhere, is this more obvious, than when it comes to psychic abilities.

For many of us, this is a subject matter that, while interesting and, in many cases, fascinates us, is also one that can be incredibly confusing.

Of course, we have all heard the words “medium, telepathy and psychics” being bandied around, but precious few of us managed to truly understand or appreciate the difference between these psychic terms.

So what really is the difference between these abilities? While the subjects are actually quite different functionally, the one thing they do have in common is that they all generate from the part of the mind or brain that is considered, for many of us, dormant.


While telepathy involves communicating, through a sixth sense, that lies deep in the mind, telekinesis digs deeply into the brain, in order to manifest the ability to move an object, without ever physically touching it – it is all done through the powers within.

While no one has been able to fully explain how this particular gift works, it is undeniable that some people possess the ability to move objects, with their minds, using waves of psychic energy which are powerful enough to “grip” the object through time and space and move it around at will.

It is believed that those who possess this ability are actually somehow shaping the energy with their mind – telling the “energy waves” what do, at what speed and how.

While there continues to be an ongoing debate between those who possess this amazing power and those who are desperately trying to prove that these flying objects might simply be caused by the subconscious of people under stress, emotional turmoil or even hormonal peaks, we continue to challenge them to “prove” their theory, consequently, the mystery persists despite the best efforts of the skeptics.

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