Shadows in the night

by Nicole
(Mississauga, ON, Canada)

As a small child I had experianced several occurances late at night that today puzzle me.

I was extremely afraid of the dark, sleeping with my door ajar so light could stream in from the bathroom light across the hall.

I remember seeing dancing shadows on the ceiling as if someone were walking back and forth infront of my door, disrupting the flow of light.

My mother would be downstairs or in bed.

Other nights I would hear the sound of someone walking on my carpet in my room. It was a very distinct sound. Muffled, heavey, quick.

When I would look, I would see nothing.

Another girl who lived down the hall from me told stories of waking up with a shadowy figure looming over her.

Darker then the dark, only a figure as if it were a solid mass.

Years passed before I had experianced another incident with the shadows.

We moved from our apartment into my fathers old home after he passed. I would stay up late at night painting in the basement.

As I placed my hand on the floor above my canvas I see something black, as if it were a sock left on the floor. As I looked at it directly, I saw it move away from me-

Afew months later I had crashed on the couch in the basement, waking with a feeling of being held in place. As I looked infront of me through the darkness I saw a twisted clawed hand, darker then the dark- a solid mass.

I shook myself awake. It was only a dream. I turned my head, staring off into the dark. There it was, a solid mass darker then the dark looming by the staircase. It moved, my eyes following it fluidly. This was not a dream. I blinked, it was still there.

Its presence is thick, and hangs heavey in the air. You feel a pressure outside of you.. pulsating.

This has been an ongoing occurance, does anyone know what this may be?

Admin: Thanks for sharing your experiences with us although it does sound extremely daunting and decidedly scary. I personally do not have experience of this type but may be one of our visitors will be able to throw some light on this particular subject.

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