Psychics - Do these Paranormal gifts come via the Subconscious?

Psychics, according to actor Simon Baker, star of the wonderful CBS show The Mentalist, "don’t exist"; despite his portrayal of the character Patrick Jane, which is but one example of just how amazing and fascinating such individuals truly are and just how interested the world is in discovering their powers.

Of course, for many, their paranormal abilities come from a variety of sources, including a keen sense of observation of the world and the people around them.

But it is also a lot more than that, it is a deep instinct, a level of consciousness, or even the subconscious, which goes beyond what most of us can even begin to understand or imagine.

While it has long been believed that many of us do have some minimal level of heightened sensory ability, it is nothing, compared to what those who have been given the “gift” can and do achieve.

Unfortunately, not everyone who claims to possess clairvoyant, clairaudient or other paranormal abilities are genuine and, in fact, these areas of supernatural phenomenon have certainly been one of the most abused, when it comes to fraudulent advertising and activity.

It seems as though anyone trying to make a few dollars, off of the belief of others, may choose to “put themselves” out there as the 'real thing', when in reality only a very tiny percentage of the population truly possess these abilities.

This is, of course, one of the reasons why these gifted people have been often maligned – how can you tell the “fakes” from those who truly possess the ability? This is a very tough question to answer.

Although there are no definite “rules” you may want to consider a few guidelines:

Word of mouth is a wonderful way of working with a reputable person. Consider asking your friends, family and co-workers if they have had positive experiences with someone and whether they would be happy to recommend them.

Don’t fall for all the “hoopla”. A legitimate practitioner, will not rely on showy gimmicks to distract you from the fact that they have no idea what they are doing;

Don't hesitate to “talk” with the sensitive beforehand, but do NOT volunteer any personal information about yourself. Let the psychic tell you about your life – it should not be the other way around;

Don’t base your assumptions and opinions solely on money. Just because someone charges an exorbitant fee, does not mean that he/she is actually gifted – it just means they have good business savvy.

Locating someone who genuinely possesses such abilities may not be easy, so it is certainly worth the research and homework as they can truly enhance your life in a variety of ways you may have never even considered.

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