Proof that humans have a soul.

by Eric Martin
(Los Angeles, Ca, USA)

Eric Martin, Founder

Eric Martin, Founder

Proof that humans have a soul and that ghosts exist.

The experiment is called Carpathia and it has had very interesting results. Carpathia takes place on the roof of a hospital where an array of lasers is set up to cover the entire roof. Anytime something "with mass" passes through the beam an alarm is sounded and the time recorded.

During a week of this experiment on a hospital roof we had 15 beam breaks and 14 of them occurred within 5 minutes of the death of a patient down below. We also focus cameras along the beams so we can see if anything like a bird is breaking the beam. But all we see on the camera is the beam opening up about two or three feet then closing back up.

The Ghost Engineers are moving on to other hospitals to conduct further tests. The tests are difficult since we don't have the hospitals permission to monitor deaths. We get around that by dressing up as A/C repairmen which gives us full access to the roof.

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