Paranormal Investigations - Do Digitally Recorded Phenomena Indicate the Existence of Ghosts?

Paranormal investigations have become very popular over the last few years and it almost seems that there is a new group of researchers popping up everyday, all armed with the latest ghost hunting equipment with which to video, record, communicate and locate presences, spirits or whatever you want to call them.

Much of this new technology does in fact indicate that there is something happening though precisely what it might be is uncertain as whatever is there, we as human beings are unable to identify it with any of our normal senses.

No paranormal investigation is now considered complete without the use of all or some of these high tech pieces of equipment. For instance while watching an episode of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (better known as TAPS) recently the group were using a particular piece of equipment that allegedly allows an entity to communicate with them by lighting up a series of tiny lights along the top of a small handheld meter.

This was quite fascinating as the investigator would ask a question and the spirit or whatever intelligence was present responded by manipulating the lights to provide the answers.

paranormal investigations

Unknown Anomalies - Taken with non digital camera

Then of course there are the digital recorders for recording electronic voice phenomena (EVP) and some of these recordings are so unbelievably clear that it is downright scary. I have my own digital recorder and have often been tempted to have a go at this but have not yet done so as I find the idea somewhat unnerving on my own.

Having said that of course, I have taken photographs with more than one type of camera and had some very strange results indeed.

On the home page of this site there is a picture of a young member of the family, who I happened to snap with my digital camera and when I saw the anomaly on the photograph I was quite taken aback.

I have other photographs, as above, displayed throughout the site, which contain similar anomalies and though I have attempted taking photos just to try to reproduce the anomaly it only ever shows up randomly.

Having done a bit of reading on the subject of anomalies and digital cameras, it appears that many of these strange anomalies are the result of the flash of the camera capturing small insects or dust because of the closeness of the flash on the camera to the lens.

That said, I have been getting these strange swirls on photographs I have taken with different cameras so it would seem to me that all anomalies most certainly cannot be put down to dust or insects.

As you will see from my photographs the anomalies are all in the form of very definite swirls rather than orbs or specific shapes and some are more thick and dense than others.

All in all paranormal investigations are, for those interested in the strange or unknown, compelling, exciting and totally fascinating.

However, if we are ever to gain any real evidence for the existence of ghosts or the ability of the consciousness to survive death, then we must try our best to maintain a certain level of scepticism and not accept everything at face value.

Rather, we should strive to analyse and examine every experience so that we ensure only the really unexplainable events are left; then, who knows, maybe one day even the events which now defy explanation, will be resolved scientifically – but I doubt it!

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