Paranormal Activity - Was it really you who turned on the TV or was it Something else?

Paranormal activity is a subject which both fascinates and intimidates me in equal measures; dependent of course on the particular activity taking place.

It is one thing for lights to inexplicably turn themselves off and on and quite another to actually view solid objects floating around in space with no visible means of support attached.

What I find to be most perplexing when contemplating the paranormal is whether or not it is the product of an individual imagination or to put it another way, the: ”Am I going crazy or imagining that the TV just turned itself off/on?

I am sure I left my keys in X place but no sign of said keys at X place; then after searching the entire house I go back and they are in X place or even worse somewhere I just know I would not have left them, for example on top of the toilet tank or wash hand basin in the bathroom.

Having had this type of experience quite often over the years, I tend to explain it away as just my bad memory or tell myself that maybe I sat on the remote control or I must have put my keys down without thinking and forgotten or some other such explanation and try not to dwell on the event for too long.

In general terms, paranormal activity covers a huge scope of possibilities, including but not exhaustive, everything from unexplained noises or voices to actual visions of apparitions or even the movement of objects that defy rational explanation.

For the sceptics among you who might theorise that these events are likely the products of an over active imagination or that the person who is experiencing the phenomena is causing it via some sort of mind control or emotional instability, I would say that either point raised by way of explanation for the event does not make the situation any less unusual, which is to say that it can still legitimately be considered to be potentially paranormal, (unless or until otherwise proven), if one accepts the true definition of the word; (paranormal – definition: lying outside the range of normal scientific explanations).

To further clarify this point I would add that I do not include activities such as magic tricks carried out by professional/amateur magicians or hoaxes pulled by practical jokers on friends or family, within the explanation above, but rather the genuine occurrences of unexplained events which are often experienced by ordinary individuals who are unable to provide themselves or anyone else with logical answers to unusual experiences they have had.

Programs Investigating Paranormal Activity

As a result of a lifetime of interest in this subject, it will be no surprise to learn that I am of course a big fan of many of the paranormal programs that can now be viewed on television.

The Most Haunted series is one that I especially enjoy as the team includes a dedicated parapsychologist whose main job is to really pull and push the evidence about while looking for normal explanations for many of the paranormal activities the team come across during their investigations.

This type of critical review provides the Most Haunted Show with real credibility because it raises the questions that need to be asked and furnishes the viewers as well as the team with a more objective and logical position from which to review the paranormal phenomenon they have witnessed.

Having said that, I do sometimes find that a reasonably high percentage of the parapsychologist’s logical explanations in regard to certain events, to be a bit more mind stretching in terms of logic, than if he were to accept or admit that a particular event or phenomena experienced by the team, is for the moment unexplainable.

To conclude, I would like to thank you for visiting the paranormal activity section of Paranormal Experiences Reviewed and look forward to receiving any comments, suggestions, stories or questions you may have regarding this subject and also hope you will visit us again soon.

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