My True Paranormal Experience

by Carly Benson

Me and My Brother Now

Me and My Brother Now

Hi I’m Carly Benson, I’m 24 and I live in Derby.

it all started last year a few weeks after my birthday I was sitting in the dinning room eating my supper before I was going to bed, my chair faces away from the dinning room door so I can’t see it, and I was just eating when I heard my ipod turn on from upstairs it was on full blast.

I was so terrified my legs felt like jelly, no one else lives in my house and it had never happened to me before. I walked to the bottom of my stairs and it turned off.

I ran to the phone to tell my mum to come over but the wire had been snapped like someone had just pulled it apart, my heart was beating so fast I could feel it nearly bursting out. I locked all the doors and windows downstairs and walked upstairs with a baseball bat in my hand just incase someone had broke in. I went into my bedroom, no one was there; I looked all upstairs, I was so confused, I just forgot about it and went to my bed with the lamp on.

The next morning I just thought I had, had a bad dream. There was a knock at the door and it was my mum; I told her about my dream and she laughed and said don’t be silly. She had got a call from the hospital saying her sister had fallen down the stairs, I wanted to go to the hospital but my mum told me to stay here. So I sat down to read a book when my brother walked in the front door; I shouted at him for not knocking but he wasn’t really listening.

I didn’t want to tell him about what happened because him and his wife got burgled 10 months ago and he got really badly beaten up, he still gets scared every night. He asked if he could stay at mine for the night I was so happy someone was with me.

Later that night he went for a shower and I had a fag in the garden; then he came rushing down the stairs saying he saw a shadow in the mirror he was really scared. I then told him what had happened to me the day before; he was really understanding unlike my mother. I asked if he would sleep in my room with me and he said ok. I woke up in the middle of the night at around 1.15am because I heard tapping in the bathroom I hid under the covers and fell back to sleep.

In the morning I went to the bathroom to see what had happened but as I opened the door an ornament that was on the shelf flew from its place towards the door I screamed and my brother sprinted from his bed
to the bathroom. He saw me fearful on the floor and saw the smashed ornament on the floor near to me; he asked me what happened but I didn’t really know myself.

He then said he had to go home to see how our auntie had gone on at the hospital so I was home alone again. I went upstairs to get changed and as I took my top off there were all bruises on my arm and belt whips on my back but they weren’t sore until I touched them.

The marks brought up so many painful memories of my horrible past. I was about to go out to the shop just to get out and the door locked on its own I tried looking for the keys but they were no where. My brother had left his phone here so I phoned my mum up and told her to come here now.

It took her about an hour to get here, when she did I told her about what happened last night and told her who it reminded me of; she just screamed at me and told me I was going crazy in the head and needed help. After that she slammed out the door and went. As she did that all the doors upstairs slammed shut, I ran to the sofa and started crying.

It stopped for a few days but when it started again it got worse; it started to chase me up the stairs and bang on the doors. I started to get so scared I would not get out my bed. The next day my brother came round and saw the state I was in he thought I might have a spirit haunting me so he got in contact with a spiritual talker who might help me. I told him about my past that my dad used to beat me my brother and Mum up and that he killed himself when I was 11.

He told he had never heard of anything like this and told me it could be possible it was my dad. I tried lots of different ways to get rid of him that were suggested to me by the spiritualist and one of these methods has worked. I painted some orb things silver and putting them all hanging in any possible entrance to the house. I’m so happy now that’s been dealt with and now My mum is starting to talk to me again but if it did happen again I don’t know what I’d do; it was the most horrific experience in my whole life.

I’m just so glad it got stopped. Every word in my article is 100% true because paranormal activities are true things and can be stopped; however it can happen to anyone at any age.

Anne's Comment
Thanks for sharing what sounds like quite an unpleasant experience with us and our visitors Carly.

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