My hot candle sticks

by Michelle
(Mountville, PA)

I went to an auction about two weeks ago. I saw this beautiful candle stick sconce, it holds three candles, is silver and very pretty, the metal is all wrapped around the holder, it looks like something out of a castle. It's very old as well, you can tell.

I knew, and still know, nothing about the people who's estate they were selling at this auction. But I saw this candle stick holder and had to have it. As soon as I saw it I knew it had to be mine, no matter what the cost. I was lucky and got it for a decent price, a little under what I wanted to pay.

I took it home and immediately gave it it's rightful place on my table with wonderful white candle sticks in it that I've burnt.

I went home last night, was having family over for dinner and needed to move it so we could eat. I went to move it and it was hot. I'm talking VERY hot. I hadn't burnt a candle on it in days. The base was hot, the candle sticks were hot! I couldn't believe it, I pulled my hand back quickly, surprised! Then I touched it again and it was still hot. As I'm touching it I called my husband to come feel it, he touched it and said, it's really cool, almost cold what are you talking about, then I touched it after he did and it was cold...

I'm not sure why it was so hot or why I was the only one that felt it, but I can swear to you that it was REALLY hot to the touch!!

Anne's Comments

Thanks for sharing your experience with us Michelle.

It is quite an unusual but I have heard of similar cases where inanimate objects give off either very hot or very cold temperatures.

I have also actually seen this happen on a ghost hunting show where a stone was thrown and when one of the ghost hunters picked it up they commented on how very warm it was. Then they looked at it through a heat sensitive camera and you could actually see that the temperature of the stone as per the heat scale colours of the camera was very high.

Possibly your candle stick's previous owner is trying to send you some sort of message.

It will be interesting to see if anyone else has had a similar experience.

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