Mediums - Do they really possess the abilities to contact our departed loved ones?

There is no doubt that, of all the psychic abilities, mediums are probably the best known.

In fact, who hasn’t, at some point or another, walked down the street and noticed a sign on a storefront window inviting you in for a reading or offering to contact departed loved ones on your behalf.

Of course, for those of you who are fans of TV, you will, no doubt, immediately think of the CBS TV show Medium- which, in many people’s minds, offers a very realistic look at what these gifted individual do and how they live.

It seems as though, thanks to the media and a vast amount of misinformation, many of us have this image of those paranormal or psychic abilities, as someone who walks around with clanging bracelets and an overbearing attitude, as well as a scary look in her eye – all the while wearing a get up that would put Barbara Eden of I Dream of Jeannie fame to shame.

However, the reality is quite different. In fact, most are very normal people, who live their daily lives – outside of the spotlight, raising families, juggling kids and work.

In short, they are ordinary people who happen to have been given an amazing psychic ability – that of communicating with another world, to act as the messenger between the two worlds.

In most cases, they were actually born with the gift, although, in some cases, they developed it in later life, through a series of events.

It would appear, however, that while many people turn to those with paranormal abilities in order to connect and contact their loved ones that have passed away, there are also quite a few who shun the entire process.

Of course, as human beings, we somehow naturally seem to shy away from the things we fear or don’t understand, but the reality is that uniquely gifted individuals can, in fact, contact people who have passed on and can, indeed, communicate with them.

For many people, just knowing that clairvoyants and other gifted people exist, provides them with a certain level of comfort.

To simply know that there are people out there, who can contact loved ones, passing along messages of love, can be incredibly helpful in getting through a devastating loss.

This is the true gift given to Mediums.

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