I think I smell a ghost...

by Michelle - Icepirate
(Santa Monica, CA)

My little story -

My neighbor passed on two weeks ago. She had cancer. She had it for 10 years (it began as breast cancer, she fought that then eventually she got that back along with it in her bones and her brain, she couldn't beat that). But her family had a good 10 years with her that they didn't' think they would have 10 1/2 years ago.

My husband and I went to the funeral. At this point, I should mention I'm... sensitive (and I don't mean I get my feelings hurt easily either), if you will. I almost got out of line when I realized you had to go past the open casket to get to the front of the receiving line. But my wonderful husband grabbed my hand and said you can do this.

I got to her girls (both are out of school but not by much). I talked to and hugged both of them, gave them my condolences, yadda yadda. I noticed, just in passing, that they smelled like coconut - maybe the perfume you get at Bath and Body. We didn't stay for the funeral

I got home and walked in my front door. My entire living room smelled like coconut! I mean like someone sprayed coconut in my living room. I asked my husband if he smelled it and it he said smell what? I said can't you smell that?? He just gave me a blank look... Um, ok...

Fast forward a couple of days. I'm at my work. My boss comes in and says wow you really smell like coconut... Um, I do not now, nor have I ever, worn coconut anything... and I haven't changed my perfume, hand lotion or anything. Not even my drinks! I can't smell it on me...

I went to the pharmacy the next day. The pharmacist says, what do you have on that is coconut? It smells good but it's strong... NOTHING!!

My step-sons grandmother said the exact same thing to me. This has been going on for two weeks now. I can't smell it anymore, I only smelled it on the girls and in my house after the funeral. But now certain people seem to smell it on me. Not everyone, mind you! My husband doesn't smell it on me.

So... what is going on? Is my neighbor still around and possibly not strong enough to really communicate yet since she's such a new spirit? What do you all think?

I should mention that I have, previously, felt and heard spirits. It is VERY rare that I see them. However, I am under the understanding that your sense of smell is your greatest memory recaller.

Anne's Comment

Thank you for sharing Michelle and I do believe that smell can give an indication of a presence or in some cases even act as a kind of omen or warning.

I had a friend who used to get strong smells of wood burning which no one else around her could smell. She was going through a very bad divorce at the time. It was only after the divorce was over and all the unhappiness she had been experiencing had passed she realised one day that the smell had gone.

As time has gone by she has on occasions experienced this phenoma again and on each occasion some stressful situation has arisen either for her personally or to someone close to her. She has now come to totally believe that whenever she smells woodsmoke/burning wood that some sort of personal or family upheaval is about to take place.

Of course there is no way to know for sure but I do think that smell is important in this area and it is quite possible that your neighbour is trying to find a way to communicate that she is still very much around.

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