Haunted House - Feeling Watched, Being Followed Around Indoors? Maybe You are not Really Alone.

In this day and age, people enjoy going to a haunted house especially at times like Halloween. Some people enjoy going to allegedly haunted venues just for the fun of it, they seem to enjoy the feeling of danger and menace or fear of the unknown in such places.

Then, there are those people who actively seek out houses or premises that are known to be potentially haunted in order to make it their home.

Contrary to popular belief, houses which are considered to be haunted are not actually as scary as you would imagine. Living with ghosts around 24/7 is not my idea of an ideal home but there are people who actually go out of their way to find a house they believe to harbor other worldly entities in which to live.

If you think your home may be haunted read through some of the common signs of hauntings below.

Unexplained Noises - By unexplained noises, we are talking about knocks, footsteps, sounds of items being dropped and scratching sounds. Sometimes, the noises may be quiet, but other times, they can be loud. After you have determined there is no critter in your home and you keep hearing the noises, then it could be haunted.

Unexplained Shadows - Usually, out of the corner of your eye, you can see shapes and shadows. There are times where the shadows could resemble a human figure and other times, you may not be able to distinguish them.

Animals Acting Oddly? - If you have a dog or a cat in your home, when something is haunted, dogs and cats tend to act strangely. Does your dog start to bark at something you do not see? Does the dog refuse to enter a certain room? Cats may also watch something from across the room. It goes without saying that animals have sharper senses than us humans and they make good ghost detectors.

Feel Like You Are Being Watched? - This may not be unusual as many of us feel like we are being watched from time to time. However, do you feel as if you are being watched more than usual? Is there a certain part of your house that always gives you this feeling? Then there may be some paranormal activity going on in your home.

Whispers - You may hear whispers, cries and muffled voices. Sometimes, this could be music coming from your neighbors, but it could also be a sign of paranormal activity going on around you. If more than one person hears the sounds, then this is a definite sign.

Physical Assault - You may feel slaps, hard shoves and get scratches. Take note that these cases are rare, but despite it all, it is still disturbing.

Items Disappear - You may notice items disappearing and reappearing. For example, you place your hairbrush on your dresser, where you always place it. You go to grab your hairbrush and it is not there, as you are looking for it, you come back to your dresser and notice your hairbrush, where you already looked. Has this happened to you more than once? Then a ghost may be playing with your mind.

Do you think you are living in a haunted house? If you believe you have ghosts around you, then you should definitely do some more reading on this topic in order to know what you are dealing with. Finally, never attempt to contact the ghost - this is not for the inexperienced.

In many recorded cases living in a haunted house has proven to be an extremely traumatic and upsetting event for those who have experienced it, however, as time goes on and scientific progress is made; maybe the time will come when these types of events will be seen from an entirely different perspective and the fear factor will reduce once we gain a better understanding of what is quite possibly nothing more than a perfectly normal occurrence.

In conclusion if you are living in what may be considered as a haunted house do not feel isolated or afraid there are many experts who are willing to help and support you through such an experience.

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