Good Friday

by Anglobugger

I had an experience in 2007.

It was Good Friday and I was up early. On God Fridays I usually used to pray and fast the entire day.

I got dressed and picked up my Bible. The whole day I kept praying in our living room. At about 11pm, as I was reading I felt a presence near the entrance of the living room.

I felt as though someone was staring at me. I looked up and found myself staring at a tall entity about 3mtrs from me. It was a lady, her left eye seemed to have been gouged out. Something in that room that protected me that day.

I just turned back to my Bible and continued reading. The next verse that I read was? For God so loved the world, He gave us His only Son, that anyone who believes in Him shall not die but have eternal life?

I am a strong believer in God, on the other hand I also believe in the realm of spirits. Whatever was in the room that day was out to harm me and it was God's love that protected me.


Anne's comment

Thanks for sharing your experience with us anglobugger. In your situation I think I would have probably got out of that room pretty quickly.

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