Going into Another Dimension to Avoid Death, and Accident,etc

by mark litchman
(p.o.BOX 2942. olympia,wa. usa)

During World War ll, heard a voice telling me to turn or I would hit a mine..avoided a head on collision, by my prayers causing our boat to go into another dimension.{ i had to have help from another dimension}. Catching a runaway car, by praying for help. Suddenly finding myself sitting in the drivers seat{impossible unless i had help from the other side}..playing football, praying for help so my father would be proud ,finding myself out of body doing great feats. Making headlines in some papers..seeing a bright light and hearing a deep deep voice warning me to stop my car{ i avoided a head on collision}.

Many more experiences if someone is interested. saw the movie "encounters of a third kind" and i saw in my mind's eye my daughter(who just died} going aboard the space ship{another dimension}

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