Ghost Hunting Equipment
A Suggested List for the Budding Ghost Hunter

As a ghost hunter, you will need to have various types of ghost hunting equipment. Below, we are going to give you a list of equipment you may want to pack in your bags before you start your journey.

Air Ion Counter - These can be purchased for anything from four hundred to six hundred dollars - it all depends on the place you purchase the equipment from. The Air Ion Counter is something you will need if you plan to become a ghost hunter, you may want this piece of equipment as it is used to measure the positive and negative ions that are in the air. It is a known fact that ghosts are able to produce a lot of positive ions because of their large amount of electromagnetic discharges.

Barometer - It would not hurt to have a barometer in order to measure the pressure. Many professionals in this field will tell you that paranormal activity has an effect on the barometric pressure.

Camera - You cannot forget to bring along camera, it is one of the most important pieces of ghost hunting equipment. A 35mm camera with black and white film is said to be a good choice for capturing pictures of paranormal activity.

Don’t forget to pack a lot of film. The film speed should be no less than 200. Using a film speed of 800 could get you better results, but the pictures could come out grainy. The camera should also have a flash feature on it.

Alternatively, a good quality digital camera will also be an effective addition to any investigator's bag of ghost hunting equipment.

You may also want to bring a tri-pod with you in order to avoid unnecessary movement of the camera.

Compass - Surely, you are familiar with the compass. Did you know ghost hunters use compasses? The compass comes in handy for picking up electromagnetic forces. As a side note, you should avoid using the electronic compass as it may not be so accurate for this type of work.

EMF Detector - Any ghost hunter can tell you what an EMF detector is. This piece of equipment starts at twenty four dollars. The EMF detector is able to pick up electronic fields across different frequencies. Ghosts are known for causing disruptions in the electronic fields.

Spirit Wind Chime - You may know the Spirit Wind Chime as a Ghost Catcher. These wind chimes act just like normal wind chimes, except for the fact that you will be placing them away from wind and drafts. It is said that a ghost will make the chime work. These are not needed, but a ghost hunter may find them useful.

Microphone - A ghost hunter may be interested in having a good microphone. Why would they need a microphone? They need it to pick up any type of electronic voice phenomena.

Finally, do not forget to pack your first aid kit, a flashlight and a cell phone.

This is not something that you should just do without doing a bit of research. You need to study ghosts before you start hunting them. This way, you will know what you are looking for and what to expect. There is a great deal of information posted on the Internet, but it is important that you get it from a legit source.

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