by Greg

As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that I had seen an exact same person as my brother in our house. This is yet another incident where the same thing occurred.

I was back home from work early that day so I decided to cook the dinner and give my wife a break. I went into the kitchen and started cooking when I heard my wife talking to someone in our living room.

I asked her who it was and she said that it was my brother and he was back early from work and looked really upset. I went into my brothers room and saw him sitting on his bed with his head hanging down. I asked him what the matter was but he did not answer me. I asked him again what had happened and he looked up at me but still stayed quiet.

I got kind of angry at his behaviour and walked back to the kitchen. A few moments later my brother walked into the kitchen and asked me what I was cooking. I told him to go out of the kitchen as I was really irate.

He asked me what the matter was, so I asked him why he didn’t answer me when I called to him. He said that he had just got home from work. I told him to stop messing around, but he seriously said that he had just got back.

He also said that he hadn’t sat on his bed at all and had come straight to the kitchen looking for me. Can someone please tell me if this could be a doppleganger of my brother. And if it is how can I get rid of it?

Another of my experiences posted on my blog

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