Deathbed Visions - Is this a Common Occurrence?

by Bernadette

A couple of years ago a close friend lost her mother after a long illness. During the early hours of the morning a few hours before her mother died, my friend recalled that her mom appeared to go into something of a trance like state and began speaking to family members who had died, some of them, many years before.

At first my friend said she felt very scared as her mother was speaking very clearly and behaving as if the person she was speaking to was right there next to her bed. She described how this went on for over an hour and that her mother spoke to at least four different people during this time.

Initially, my friend did not speak about this experience but recently she opened up and told me all about it and I am just wondering if anyone else has any information regarding similar deathbed visions as my friend was wondering if it was just her mother suffering from hullicinations. Is there any record of this type of event occurring regularly when a person is dying?

Although my friend said she was scared at first, she said the fearful feeling did pass and was replaced by a calm and peaceful atmosphere within her mother's room for the rest of the time and that her Mom died very peacefully about four hours after the event took place.

Anne's Comment

I have heard of a similar case however it would be great if any visitor who knows more about this would give their opinion on it.

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