A Ghostly Tale

by Greg

Many folks out there claim that they have experienced some kind of paranormal activity at some point in their lives. They claim to have had experiences with ghosts, spirits, black misty figures, demons, poltergeists, and the list goes on.

Most people that I have interviewed are reliable sources, however I sometimes do come across someone who is fibbing or probably retelling someone else’s story. This is one experience that one of my friends narrated to me a few years ago.

This story is about a certain area in New Delhi. This place has a huge banyan tree in the middle of the road. Now there have been various stories about this tree. People claim to have seen a lady near this tree dressed in white who asks travelers in the night for a lift.

So one night my friend was coming back from a party when he reached this place. As soon as he came around the bend from where this tree was visible, he saw a lady clad in white standing in the middle of the road. As his car came closer she raised her arm, asking for a lift. He had heard stories of this before so he didn’t slow down.

He stepped on the gas and raced right past her. The next thing he knew, she was running with his car at the same speed, begging him to stop. He said that she followed him to a certain distance and then disappeared. The next morning he woke up with a high fever.

He went to the doctor and got some medicine for his fever, but did not get better for a few days. When I went to see him, that’s when he told me his experience. Honestly speaking, I did not believe a word he said. It was
just too much for me to fathom. So one night I decided to go there with a few friends.

We drove there at around midnight and parked our car right next to the tree for about two hours with no sightings. I got back to my friend and told him what we had done the night before.

He made me swear that I would never go there again. There are other folks who also claim that they saw this woman, some say that she literally climbed onto the bonnet of their car when they didn’t stop.

Now the question to you is, do you think this could be true? I personally have not had any experience on that road.

I would love to hear from anyone who has. The place is called “Dwarka” and the tree is a banyan tree, bang in the middle of the road.

Another of my experiences posted on my blog

Anne's Comments

I find these types of folklore stories really fascinating. Almost every country and county have their tales of ghostly happenings. Where I come from there is a legend of a beautiful woman who stands at the side of the road late at night and as above, flags down cars for a lift. She however only flags down men on their own. Dire consequences awaits any man who picks her up.

The way to tell that this apparation is not a real human is to look at her feet. Allegedly the apparation has one normal foot and the other is allegedly a cow's foot.

These are great folklore stories however, I do not believe there is really any truth in them but on a dark night driving along on a lonely road stories like this can really spook you out if they come to mind.

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