Is it Just all Mumbo Jumbo or Worthwhile Research?
What if any Answers can it Provide?

What exactly is Parapsychology? In a nutshell it is the study of the unknown or para-normal events. However, that is really a very brief explanation.

To further expand on the above definition it would be more correct to describe this particular discipline as one which seeks via experimentation to understand and to learn more about seemingly extra-ordinary or paranormal occurrences or activities.

The parapsychologist is an investigator albeit a sceptic as he/she will always, quite rightly, attempt to provide scientifically based or even common sense explanations or answers to any given set of allegedly ‘paranormal’ circumstances or events.

Parapsychology Link to Paranormal Investigations

Study of the paranormal is often viewed by other scientific disciplines as being somewhat of a pseudo-science as no definitive evidence has so far been achieved despite a century or more of experimentation and investigation into the widely differing fields of the paranormal such as psychic ability, ESP, life after death, psychokinesis, etc.

Contrarily, and I would imagine, to the frustration of many scientists from more traditional backgrounds, these studies of course are still being actively pursued in spite of there being no real tangible results even after one hundred years plus of investigation; however, as all research and studies are in the main, privately funded the quest to learn more about the paranormal continues despite the oft heard voices of its detractors.

Having said that very interesting research has been done and though no hard and fast evidence may have been achieved, some very interesting possibilities have arisen out of the many experiments undertaken over the years and there are established bodies mainly based within a small number of universities where dedicated departments have been set up for this work.

Most well known of these and one of the oldest organisations created to study parapsychology is the Society of Psychical Research founded in the United Kingdom in 1882 and which is still very much active within this area.

If you are interested you can visit their website at the link below.

Society of Psychical Research

Another well known group though not nearly as old as the SPR is the Scottish Society for Psychical Research, which compared to the SPR is quite modern having been first established in 1987. There is also a link to view their site available below.

Of course these are not the only ones; however, having visited both these sites myself I thought I would mention them here and include their links as both sites are very informative and extremely interesting and without doubt well worth visiting if you have an interest in the paranormal.

Scottish Society of Psychical Research

In conclusion, the subject of parapsychology is a fascinating if rather illusive topic.

I am of the opinion that there are those of us who do believe firmly that things of the material world are not the, be all and that there are other potential realities and worlds that exist which from time to time we are lucky enough to glimpse for a short while.

On the other hand there are those of us who no matter what our experience will deny any possibility of the existence of the paranormal and determine to explain the unexplainable or if unable to do so, disregard the experience as an anomaly and forget about it.

However a very interesting field of science opening up is quantum physics which has produced some very similar or seemingly related experimental outcomes that could almost be described as paranormal.

To get a more scientific spin on this visit our guest site Ghost Engineers and read up on some of their more down to earth experiments, or you can access their site via the Guest Websites Tab on the navigation bar to the left of the screen on our home page.

In final summary, parapsychology is the on going search into the unknown and human beings have always been driven to try to understand the world around them with much success over time; even in the face of sometimes very dangerous opposition.

We have established without doubt that the world is not flat so who knows, maybe one day we will uncover the truth of the paranormal even if it turns out to be completely at odds with what we may imagine it to be, if it does exist.

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