Existence of Ghosts - Figments of the Imagination or do They really Exist? I Know what I saw!!

Has the existence of ghosts been proved? Based on my own personal experience, I would have to say that my answer is possibly yes, however, I know that there are others who will not probably agree with me, preferring to explain away my experience as nothing more than an optical illusion which occurred due to inclement weather conditions.

The experience I record here does make me tend to believe in the existence of ghosts and happened many years ago when I lived in the Caribbean. I was young and recently married and spending a weekend at my in-law’s beach house.

This particular house would be best described as a typical old fashioned colonial house which stood about 500yds from the beach itself. Originally built as a house for the Manager of a coconut estate, it was surrounded by hundreds of these tall palm trees.

This included trees to the front of the house, where they grew between the beach and the property; with a path leading directly from the front steps of the building straight between the trees down to the seashore.

It was also a very old building so if the existence of ghosts might be real then this house was probably the type of place to which ghosts would be attracted, or maybe the ghosts of past owners, or occupiers of the property might have remained, not wishing to leave their earthly home.

On the evening in question a pretty big storm blew up with torrents of rain, thunder and lighting and a high wind which made a wailing sound as it roared through the coconut plantation. Due to the weather being so violent, it was decided we would all have an early night so at about 9.30pm everyone made their way to bed.

The house itself was quite a large sprawling property with a wooden veranda running right around the ground floor and on the first floor; each bedroom having its own access via a double door on to the veranda as well as large windows looking out towards the sea. Being an old plantation house for a coconut estate it was not just huge rambling old property but it was also a place where the existence of ghosts would not be surprising to those who believe in such phenomena.


"Lightning Streaks"

"Existence of Ghosts"

Existence of Ghosts continues ...

It was somewhere between 2.30am and 3.00am I was awoken from a deep sleep hearing someone calling my name. My husband lay beside me fast asleep but I could still hear a voice which seemed to be coming from the veranda or out the front of the house although at this stage I could not make out any special words or even my name but the wind was still blowing and though no longer driving down with force, the tropical rain was still falling outside.

Waking up my husband I asked him if he could hear anything to which he indicated that he could but was unable to discern what it was, he did not think it sounded like a voice.

I was quite agitated about the whole thing and got out of bed and walked over to one of the big windows in the room. By this time my mother-in-law had heard us talking and could see the nightlight on in our room so called out to ask if everything was alright.

I called back that there were three people standing outside the front of the house and as we had a party of friends who had all been camping on the beach I assumed it was some of them. She entered the room and came and stood next to me at the window as did my husband.

I could clearly see three figures standing under a tree in an area that could be described as part of the front garden of the house. Assuming that the other two could also see the people I could, I said I was going to go downstairs and let them in and turned to leave, whereupon both mother-in-law and husband grabbed me saying that they could not see anyone.

I kept insisting and pointing to the three figures under the tree but despite this they could not see whatever it was I was seeing.

Having said that, it was dark outside but there were lights on in the ground floor of the house. These lights gave enough illumination to the immediate area of the front yard, and that enabled me to see the people standing looking upwards, toward the bedroom window the three of us were peering out of.

Despite my insistence that we should go down and let them in, my mother-in-law absolutely refused to do so and was quite adamant that I was not going to go and open her front door.

Eventually, I gave in though I was quite worried as I thought that our friends would think we were really mean for not letting them come in out of the stormy night. Reluctantly, I returned to bed and after a short time went off to sleep.

The Ghostly Figures Had Been Staring upwards at me

The next morning the weather was fine, the rain had stopped and the sun was out as it usually is in the Caribbean. I was still very concerned about our friends as I was absolutely convinced that three of them from the party had probably got into difficulties and had come up to the house to try and get some help or to get out of the rain.

I was in for a shock however, as not long after we were up and about some of our camping friends did arrive and of course I immediately asked them which of the party had been up to the house in the early hours.

Imagine my astonishment when they said none of them had, that despite the wind, rain and lightning, they had all survived in their tents.

It was then I realised that something really weird had occurred the night before and I began to review the incident more objectively.

Up to this point the thought that what I had seen might have been considered to be ghosts had in no way entered my head.

My husband’s mother also gave me a strange look and then advised that although she did believe that I had seen what I had described in the night; but that she had become suspicious of what it might be when neither she nor her son (my hubby) could see the figures I had been describing. And that was why she had put her foot down so firmly, and expressly ordered that I was not to go downstairs and open the door.

"Existence of Ghosts"

Whilst mentally reviewing the incident it occurred to me that what I had seen was not only strange, but also quite disconcerting as I could remember feeling an almost uncontrollable desire to go downstairs and open the door.

On further reflection I began to feel grateful that my mother-in-law and husband had stopped me from following my compulsion to do so.

Another issue came to mind when I suddenly remembered that even in the midst of the actual incident some part of my consciousness had been wondering why the figures were not responding to me when I waved at them or had called out to them, (which I had done).

The three figures had just stood under the tree and looked up at me directly, and although I could make out three faces I had been unable to see any eyes or distinctive facial features, despite the figures appearing to be solid human beings.

Were the figures I saw that night ghosts? If they were ghosts how come they looked solid? Or were they just my imagination?

I do not believe they were figments of my imagination. As I stated at the start of this recollection, it occurred many years ago but even so, after all these many years I still remember that night like if it were yesterday.

I did make a point of going out to the said tree the next morning to take a closer look or to try and find any evidence of the events of the previous night. However, there was nothing there that provided any further insights or detail.

The Existence of Ghosts is a Question that I cannot definitively answer but I do Know what I saw!

In regard to the question of the existence of ghosts I can’t give a definitive answer. I know what I saw that night and I know that three figures, ghosts, or otherwise stood under that tree and looked up at me, for at least 10 minutes before I returned to bed. I also know that I was awoken by someone or something calling my name in the very early hours of that stormy night all those years ago.

If what I saw were in fact ghosts then I have no idea what they wanted or why it was that I was the only person who could see them. I have resigned myself to the fact that I shall never have an answer to my questions regarding this experience but the incident itself will continue to be a puzzle to me.

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