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Hello and welcome to my Paranormal Experiences Reviewed site where paranormal phenomena is highlighted to include my personal experiences, though not exclusively so, as I hope that others will add their own stories as time goes by.

If you are visiting this site then I will assume that you are either someone with an interest in this subject and/or your own experience of the paranormal; or maybe you are a sceptical visitor who is searching for some sort of definitive answer to your questions.

One way or the other I sincerely hope you will enjoy the information included here and you are also invited to submit a story of your own experiences with photographs if you have any, for publication on the site.

The Paranormal Experiences Reviewed site has come about as a result of my personal experiences with paranormal phenomena as well as the experiences in this area of various family members and friends.

However, aside from my stated reasons above I also wish to create somewhere, let's call it a portal for realistic experiences and discussion on and about the paranormal in general.

My interest in paranormal phenomena began when I was quite a young child as I always had a sense that there was something more going on around me than I could see.

I used to, and still do, have very lucid dreams and over the years some of my dreams have even proved to be a foretelling of certain events which actually took place within my own life.

Apart from the lucid dreaming, on many occasions throughout my life I have been awoken from a deep sleep by someone shaking me or hearing a very clear voice in my ear calling my name and on one or two occasions I have also been called by very unflattering names, which I won’t include here, though happily, this has been a very rare occurrence.

I believe the few negative episodes I have had are possibly due to my own naivety, when as a teenager, I began experimenting with the Ouija board and I would strongly urge anyone thinking that this board is just a game, to think again, and never to get involved with this type of activity.

As the Paranormal Experiences Reviewed site is expanded I shall go into further detail of my personal encounters of paranormal phenomena and I would be really pleased to hear from others who have also had strange or unusual experiences so we can compare notes so to speak.

Being just a very ordinary person, I don’t have any special gifts such as clairvoyance or mediumship, however, I do know that there is more to this world than the material and I believe that through sharing these experiences with others via this site will provide a great platform for any interested visitors to share their stories as well.

Finally, I would like to thank you for visiting the Paranormal Experiences Reviewed site about paranormal phenomena and look forward to receiving your accounts of any strange or unexplainable encounters you have had in order that we may all learn more about this fascinating, unknown and predominantly unseen alternative reality.

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